Customers Use New Product to Install/Replace Light Poles

Click link below to watch video:

In Houston, a customer replaced twenty-two 35′ steel light poles in a home improvement warehouse parking lot using the Escort and the Pole Dancer. The new Escort (patent pending) is a cart that is designed so one person can easily roll a light pole (40′, 1000 lbs max) around a job site. The Escort can also be used to easily transport conduit, ladders or other material.

In Atlanta, a customer used the Escort to help install eight 30′ decorative light poles on the streets of downtown. Call your local electrical distributor for pricing.

December Pole Dancer Performances

Demontrations of the Pole Dancer will be conducted in the following cities:

December 10- Goldsboro, NC; Fort Worth, TX; Anaheim, CA
December 11- Fort Worth, TX; Chula Vista, CA; Escondido, CA; Carlsbad, CA
December 12- Dallas, TX; San Diego, CA
December 13- Dallas, TX; San Diego, CA
December 14- San Diego, CA
December 17- Lancaster, PA
December 18- Harrisburg, PA
December 19- Syracuse, NY
December 20- Syracuse NY; Greenville, SC

Upcoming Pole Dancer Performances

Nov. 13: Triple Crown Supply, Lexington, KY
Nov. 14: CED, Indianapolis, IN and CED, Knoxville, TN
Nov. 15: Lappin Electric, Waukesha, WI
Dec. 11-13: CED in Southern California and CED South Florida

Coming Soon to: Syracuse, NY

Upcoming Pole Dancer Performances

October 30- Oklahoma City, OK
October 31- Dallas, TX
November 2- Savannah, GA

November 6- Harrisburg, PA
November 14- Knoxville, TN
November 15- Peewaukee, WI

The Pole Dancer Is Coming to a City Near You!

Oct. 16: Luray, VA
Oct. 18: CED, Louisville, KY
Oct. 19: CED, Indianapolis, IN
Oct. 22: CED, Indianpolis, IN
Oct. 23: CED, Des Moines, IA
Oct. 24: CED, Chicago, IL and IEC Trade Show, Fort Worth, TX
Oct. 25: All-Phase Electric, South Bend, IN and IEC Trade Show, Fort Worth, TX
Oct. 26: All-Phase Electric, Toledo, OH and IEC Trade Show, Fort Worth, TX

Fall 2012 Schedule: See a Demo this Fall of Our Award-Winning Tool!

October 1: Charlottesville, VA
October 2: Harrisburg, PA
October 10: Corpus Christi, TX
October 18: Louisville, KY
October 19: Cincinatti, OH
October 22: St. Louis, MO
October 23: Des Moines, IA
October 24: Chicago, IL
October 25: South Bend, IN, Fort Worth, TX
October 26: Toledo, OH, Fort Worth, TX

November 14: Knoxville, TN

September Pole Dancer Demonstrations

September 7: CED Mosebach Pig Roast, Pittsburgh, PA
September 13: IEC of Greater Cincinnati 8th Annual Open House and Table Top Event, Cincinnati, OH
September 17-20: Crawford Electric Supply, Dallas, TX and Houston, TX
September 20: Scott Electric Supply, Pittsburgh, PA
September 28: NCAEC Electrical Expo, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

Pole Dancer on the Road

The Pole Dancer may be coming to a city near you! Call 252-414-7786 to schedule a demonstration!

August 20-21: Nashville, TN
August 22: Washington DC
August 23: Pittsburgh, PA
August 24: Buffalo, NY
August 31: Columbia, SC
September 7: Pittsburgh, PA

Pole Dancers on the Road: July 16-20, 2012

Pole Dancers are ready for immediate delivery!

See a demonstration and get a great deal on a Pole Dancer this week as we will be traveling across the country. Call 252-414-7786 to schedule a demonstration or to find out where we will be installing light poles saving contractors time, labor and money! We plan to install 21 light poles on Thursday in Oklahoma City in 3 hours! Following are a list of cities where we have planned demonstrations; however, we will be more than happy to make a stop along the way.

Monday, July 16 in Nashville TN
Tuesday, July 17 in Nashville TN
Wednesday, July 18 in Oklahoma City, OK and Cincinnati, OH
Thursday, July 19 in Oklahoma City, OK, Clinton, OK, and Pittsburgh PA
Friday, July 20 in Fort Worth, TX, Dallas TX and Pittsburgh, PA

Pole Dancer Easily Sets 1,000 lb, 40′ Utility Poles

An attachment has been built to support longer angle braces to increase the load limit of our current Model 1000 from 800 lbs. to 1200 lbs. We are also building a prototype of a model that will be designed to specifically lift wood utility poles weighing 800-1200 lbs. This model will have a Warn DC 2000 (rated for 2000 lbs) Industrial Hoist instead of the current Warn DC 1200 (rated for 1200 lbs.). This model is perfect to set wood utility poles in areas where it is difficult to use a line truck. It also costs tens of thousands less!