The Pole Dancer™

Quick Facts

  • Two-man operation for most situations.
  • All parts break down to 10′ or less and can be easily transported in the back of a small pickup or van. Smaller pieces (rigging, cables, etc.) are stored in the included job box.
  • Assembly only takes 10 minutes. Tool does not have to be disassembled when moving between pole bases.
  • Will set up to a 40’ light pole quickly and easily. Much faster than boom truck.
  • Will set aluminum, steel or wood poles (round, squared, tapered)
  • OSHA compliant
  • Made from lightweight structural aluminum alloy
  • Powered by a 12v Warn® Industrial Hoist with a Warn® Overload Interrupter for added safety
  • Includes Wiring Harness for 12-v deep cycle battery.  Jumper cable accessory to power hoist with vehicle’s battery is also included.
  • Unique Rigging design slides easily up and down the pole to keep your feet on the ground.
  • No-Flat tires to easily roll the Pole Dancer™ from one pedestal to another.
  • Saves on and bucket and boom truck rental fees.
  • Perfect for setting and servicing poles on parking decks or in areas where a bucket or boom truck cannot go.
  • Takes down a pole as easy as it sets one.
  • Sets or takes down light poles with or without a raised pedestal.


  1. Strap it to a raised pedestal with ratchet straps
  2. Set or take down a pole directly from the hitch of a vehicle with the included Swivel Hitch Bar Attachment (300lbs or less).
  3. Use T-Attachment with Vehicle Tire Pad (to set 40’ poles or any pole against a wall or fence.)
  4. Free Standing (without raised pedestal and vehicle if pole is 20’, 300 lbs. or less.)

Download Pole Dancer Owner’s Manual