ESCORT™ wins National Award

The ESCORT™ was named a 2013 SHOWSTOPPER winner at the recent convention of the National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA). Electrical Contractor Magazine has presented the annual NECA SHOWSTOPPER Winners for the past 15+ years. The NECA SHOWSTOPPER Showcase and Awards is the most prestigious recognition event in the electrical construction industry. The Showcase is designed to highlight new products and services designed to help electrical contractors on the job.


Come visit us at NECA Convention 2013

Wahoo Innovations Inc will be exhibiting our award winning Light Pole Dancer and our new product called the Escort at the 2013 NECA Convention at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.  Please come by our Booth # 1163 for demos and information.  

Show Hours 
Sun. 10/13   11:30 – 5:00
Mon. 10/14   11:30 – 4:00 
Tues. 10/15  10:30 – 2:30 

Customer Safely Sets 40′ Light Poles

Pitt Electric of Greenville, NC safely set 40′ steel light poles with the Escort and Pole Dancer. Click the following link to watch the video: Pole Dancer and Escort Set 40′ Light Pole

Pole Dancer and Escort Remove 650 pound, 30′ Steel Poles on Tennis Court

Pole Dancer and Escort Easily Handle Tennis Court Job

Click on the video link below to watch:

Escort and Pole Dancer on Tennis Court

South Texas Electric of Magnolia Texas recently purchased a Pole Dancer and an Escort to successfully remove 11 rusty, 30′ steel light poles weighing approximately 650 pounds. Because of weight restrictions on the tennis courts and the surrounding fencing,   the Pole Dancer and Escort were by far the best tools for the job. The Pole Dancer safely and easily lowered the poles onto the Escort, then one man easily rolled the pole on the Escort out the court gate.

In a letter to Wahoo Innovations, Charles Davis from South Texas Electric states:  ”The Pole Dancer is a valued addition to our service department.  Due to its design, it can go to where boom trucks and cranes cannot access.  Its light-weight and portability are ideal for tennis courts and other costly and easily damaged surfaces.It does everything that you said it would do.   We were able to take down 30’ steel poles with 4 heads, quickly and safely.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about pole lighting.”


South Texas removed the poles in the Pole Dancer’s “T” position which allows one to set or take down light poles against a fence. They used a scissor lift that was on the job site for the counterweight as they drove it onto the tire pad. Anything that weighs more than the light pole can be used as the counterweight. They also used the extra 5′ boom that is designed to work with 30′ light poles.

Escort Stores Easily

Pole Dancer Unpins to Roll and Stand for Compact Storage

Pole Dancer Safely Sets Poles at Nuclear Power Plant for Duke Energy

Duke Energy purchased a Pole Dancer to use at its one of it nuclear power plants in North Carolina. After using the Pole Dancer, Jay Kane. project manager with Duke Energy submitted the following testimonial:

“The Poledancer met our special needs at the Harris Nuclear Plant. We have cranes available, but needed a fixed height lifting device to set poles under 230KV Power Lines and maintain the required safe clearance. The Poledancer met all of our strict Nuclear Plant safety requirements. Classroom and in-field training was provided and was invaluable to our project needs. At a very low cost, they engineered a shorter beam to meet our clearance requirements with no delay to our delivery time. This product is a great value for the money.”

Escorts Now Ready to Ship

Wahoo Innovations newest product, The Escort, is now ready to ship. The Escort will not only move a 40′ pole easily across a job site, it will move just about anything from conduit, pvc, steel beams, fence posts and ladders. It unpins to quickly break down for storage.

Setting Poles with the Pole Dancer Easier than a Boom Truck!

A contractor who recently purchased a Pole Dancer reports that he was “pleasantly surprised” to discover that setting light poles with the Pole Dancer was easier than using a bucket truck. In fact, he reports that installing 30′, 4-Head, light poles with the Pole Dancer was easier than installing 20′, 1-head poles with a bucket truck.

Randy Eulenfeld of CW Campbell Electric states: “I was pleasantly surprised to learn that installing the taller, heavier poles with the Pole Dancer was much easier than trying to install the shorter, lighter poles with our bucket truck. This made a believer out of me and my men.”

Eulenfeld went on to say that the Pole Dancer will pay for itself setting as few as 34 light poles. After setting four poles with he Pole Dancer, Eulefeld says: “I estimate by the time we set 30 poles on the next site, the Pole Dancer will have paid for itself.”

Eulenfeld believes that the Pole Dancer gives him a leg up on his competition. In this economy, any edge is extremely important. He states: “Honestly, I don’t want my local competitors to know about this. We need all the advantages we can get.”

Available to Demo Anywhere in the US

We have sales reps on the road everyday. They travel with a Pole Dancer, Escort and a light pole ready to demo for distributors and contractors. In 2013, we have already demonstrated our product in 19 states. If you would like to see a demonstration, please contact us at 252-414-7786, and we will be more than happy to schedule one. The Pole Dancer is a tool that you have to see to believe!

Does the Ground Have to Be Level?

Perhaps the question we most often hear is: “Does the ground have to be level?” Of course the answer is “no!” These pics are from typical jobsites. With our front drop-leg jacks and the T-Attachment, we have yet to find a pole 40′ or less that we could not set.