Pole Dancer Successfully Sets Four-head, 25ft Steel Poles on Parking Deck

Setting a Pole with Pole Dancer In-Line Attachment

Four-head, 25ft Steel Poles Set on Parking Deck

Bryson/Tucker Electric, LLC of Toledo, Ohio purchased a Pole Dancer™ to safely set (22) four-four head, 25’ light poles each weighing approximately 650lbs on the top floor of a parking deck. Before discovering the award-winning Pole Dancer™, they believed that the only way to set the light poles would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because of weight restrictions, carpenters were going to have to be hired to shore up the upper floor of the parking deck to accommodate a small crane. Otherwise, a more expensive tower crane would have to be rented to set the poles from the ground.

Bryson/Tucker purchased the “Pole Dancer™ In-Line Attachment” from Wahoo Innovations, Inc. which enabled them to set several of the light poles on the walls of the parking deck. The attachment allowed them to bring the Pole Dancer™ flush with the wall to safely and easily set the poles.

Bryson/Tucker Electric co-owner, Andrew Bryson states: “Without the Pole Dancer, we would have not been able to successfully install (22) four-headed light poles approximately 25’ feet tall on the top level of a parking structure. Not only were we able to successfully complete our project, we were also able to save the customer almost $20,000 in reshoring costs. We highly recommend this product!!!!”