Production of the Pole Dancer Model 1000 Has Begun

After a series of rigorous tests and a successful trade show in Louisville, Kentucky, Wahoo Innovations has begun manufacturing the first Pole Dancer model. Pole Dancer Model 1000 will lift up to a 40′ tapered pole. It has a load limit of 800 pounds. It can be strapped to a pole base or used directly from the hitch of your vehicle.

The Pole Dancer 1000 model currently includes:

  • An Extra 5′ and 9′ Boom
  • A 12v Industrial Hoist with Remote
  • 60′ of Wire Rope with a Rated Hook
  • A Battery Pack
  • A Bucket of 3 Rated Pole Dancer Straps
  • 2 Ratchet Straps
  • A One Year Limited Warranty
  • Superior Customer Service

Call 252-414-7786 to order yours today.