How do you get the strap up there… and how do you get it down?

When we tell people that we can take down a pole and change the lamp and reinstall the pole in less than fifteen minutes, these are the questions that we most often hear.

How It Works:

The rated hook is placed in the hand-hole or any attachment located at the bottom of the pole. The sock slides down onto the hook preventing direct contact with the hook and the pole. The keeper strap wraps around the pole keeping the hook in its place.

The top of the “Y” at the opposite end of the strap wraps around the pole. The strap is extended from the bottom of the pole towards top of the pole getting past the center of gravity of the pole until the strap is tightened. The top of the “Y” that is wrapped around the pole is joined together as both eyelets are attached to the lifting mechanism. The pole is now ready to be lifted.

Once the pole is lifted and installed, and tension is released by the lifting mechanism, the design of the strap allows the strap to slide freely down the pole for easy removal from the lifting mechanism and from the pole.
The straps come in different sizes for different sized poles. Special straps are also available for different types of poles of all sizes (for example: wood utility poles, transmission poles, flag poles).

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