Setting Poles with the Pole Dancer Easier than a Boom Truck!

A contractor who recently purchased a Pole Dancer reports that he was “pleasantly surprised” to discover that setting light poles with the Pole Dancer was easier than using a bucket truck. In fact, he reports that installing 30′, 4-Head, light poles with the Pole Dancer was easier than installing 20′, 1-head poles with a bucket truck.

Randy Eulenfeld of CW Campbell Electric states: “I was pleasantly surprised to learn that installing the taller, heavier poles with the Pole Dancer was much easier than trying to install the shorter, lighter poles with our bucket truck. This made a believer out of me and my men.”

Eulenfeld went on to say that the Pole Dancer will pay for itself setting as few as 34 light poles. After setting four poles with he Pole Dancer, Eulefeld says: “I estimate by the time we set 30 poles on the next site, the Pole Dancer will have paid for itself.”

Eulenfeld believes that the Pole Dancer gives him a leg up on his competition. In this economy, any edge is extremely important. He states: “Honestly, I don’t want my local competitors to know about this. We need all the advantages we can get.”