Pole Dancer and Escort Remove 650 pound, 30′ Steel Poles on Tennis Court

Pole Dancer and Escort Easily Handle Tennis Court Job

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Escort and Pole Dancer on Tennis Court

South Texas Electric of Magnolia Texas recently purchased a Pole Dancer and an Escort to successfully remove 11 rusty, 30′ steel light poles weighing approximately 650 pounds. Because of weight restrictions on the tennis courts and the surrounding fencing,   the Pole Dancer and Escort were by far the best tools for the job. The Pole Dancer safely and easily lowered the poles onto the Escort, then one man easily rolled the pole on the Escort out the court gate.

In a letter to Wahoo Innovations, Charles Davis from South Texas Electric states:  ”The Pole Dancer is a valued addition to our service department.  Due to its design, it can go to where boom trucks and cranes cannot access.  Its light-weight and portability are ideal for tennis courts and other costly and easily damaged surfaces.It does everything that you said it would do.   We were able to take down 30’ steel poles with 4 heads, quickly and safely.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about pole lighting.”


South Texas removed the poles in the Pole Dancer’s “T” position which allows one to set or take down light poles against a fence. They used a scissor lift that was on the job site for the counterweight as they drove it onto the tire pad. Anything that weighs more than the light pole can be used as the counterweight. They also used the extra 5′ boom that is designed to work with 30′ light poles.